Monday, July 26, 2010

Cute babies...


Here i uploaded pictures of cute cute the babies are!

This guy...


Today,I feel like writing..why??Because so suddenly..otakku menayangkan wajahnya..It's actually NOTHING.Aku ja yang terlebih emosi..

I still remember the very first time i knew him when we were 16..there was nothing special about him..he was just like a very ordinary best friend n i used to call him 'Abang Manis'..hahah~why?It's because of his senyuman yang sangat manis..n senyuman itulah yang telah berjaya memikat hatiku(wow~jiwangnya~but it's true..)..n we both selalu match Abang Manis dengan this girl in our class..a prefect..n to me(that time la~)..Abang Manis suited her very well..yah~bagi aku..depa memang nampak sesuai..

Month by best friend pun dah tukar sekolah..aku masih lagi menjalani kehidupanku dengan normal..but i can't really remember when i started to like him..but one thing is for sure..i noticed that he seemed to be looking at me..i don't know..mungkin aku ja yang perasan..tapi..tulah yang aku rasa..rasa macam dia tengah perhatikan first..i was like..'is he looking at me?'..I can say that selalu sangatlah aku PERASAN dia tengok aku..tapi boleh jadi dia tengok kawan aku..tapi..boleh jadi jugak dia tengok aku..hihih(being perasan for a while)..

Lama lama..tiba-tiba ja aku terjatuh suka kat dia..yaa..aku SUKAKAN dia sebab aku PERASAN dia asyik tengok aku..that's the only reason kenapa aku suka dia..logik ke?Entahlah..Actually(so SHY to confess the truth)hehehe~Actually..(blushed~~~~~)..aku suka dia sebab aku rasa dia suka aku.........................................(BLUSHED)~~~~~~...which is actually not..aku ja yang perasan..padahal dia tak suka aku..hahah~~

Ya~~that's the very honest reason kenapa aku suka dia..sampai sekarang masih lagi dia..walaupun dia tak suka aku...I'm pretty sure u might be wondering..apa keistimewaan dia yang membuatkan aku tak nampak laki lain dah?Well..i'll list down apa yang terlintas di fikiran..

#1-His SMILE!!!!So charming n the sweetest that i've ever seen..(=^^=)
#2-He's's widely admitted..he got lots of admirers..(T_T)
#3-He's (SMART..CLEVER..BRIGHT..DILIGENT) TOTALLY..heheh~get me???
#4-He's kind of WEIRD..i mean..he likes to do things that are weird but somehow i like that..
#5-He has a very GREAT SENSE OF HUMOUR(to me la~~)..He always makes me laugh out loud..
#6-Most importantly..we both have many KEBETULAN(which i will let u know soon)..

Well..i guess that's all for the moment..perut pun dah lapar..kalau tak..i could keep going on n on about him..heheh~~

So long~Assalamualaikum!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hati oh hati...

Bila malam menjelma..kesepian membaluti diri..mulalah aku nak berpuisi...

My heart is like a whore..

For i've given it t many men..especially him..

9 of ten parts of my heart..
I've given to him..
Without questions..without expectations..

With only one exception..

The only thing i've ever asked for..

The only thing i've ever expected..

Was for his love in return..

But without exception..without fail..

He took my heart..

Crumpled it up..and threw it away..

Like my love was worthless..a simple piece of trash..

Something that was easily and frequently discarded..

So now..pieces of my heart are floating around..

Like pieces of paper tumbling in the wind..

And i have to gather them up..

But some of them will be lost forever..

Some of them..i will never be able to find again..

But those pieces that i do regain..

I will try to put back together with what remains.. fragmented heart will once again be whole..

For now..i realize that it isn't worthless..

My love is valuable..priceless..

And i'm saving it for someone who will treasure it..

Who will treat it like a special gift..

That i've given to him and no one else..

And i hope that he will forgive me..

For the pieces that i gave away before..

And i hope..

One day..

I will find the right 'him'...

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